Commissioner's Profile

Golam Md Munir

Golam Munir has been serving the NBR National Board of Revenue (NBR), Bangladesh, since 1994. Over two and a half decades with the NBR, Golam has got opportunities to see how ongoing technological shift change the way people live and work. During this time, Golam has worked in various management capacities and in leadership roles, and saw how the NBR has embraced innovations and adapted the way they serve people as state institution through its fiscal policy tools, how it modifies population behaviour in order to protect societies and the environment from socially undesirable - if not disruptive - human practices, and supplies resources that the government needs to generate public goods while maintaining its fiscal discipline. Through his career in the NBR, Golam has been trying to disseminate the importance of adapting accelerating societal changes - driven by innovations - through bringing innovative business processes and practices in.

Enshrined by an MBA from NYIT, USA, and a Masters of public policy from the U of S, Canada, Golam has been relentlessly updating himself in order to manage and lead the on-going change process in the NBR, through invigorating an adaptive, accommodating, and collaborative culture, and bringing evidence-based innovative practices in.

Golam has engaged all possibilities in order to accomplish mission and vision of the NBR. A few of his noticeable collaborative works are: streamlining business operations in order to meet operational challenges, designing organisational restructuring process; redesigning staffing policy, designing decision modelling automation tool for assessing impact of tax rate on tobacco demand and supply, streamlining border control operations in order to recover lost opportunities, and to bring cost of doing business down for stakeholders, and designing campaign program in order to diffuse new technologies in business and trading practices.

Golam taught, taxation, accounting, auditing, and marketing in a local university for a couple of years through 2008-2010, and worked as trainer and research associates in various local academic institution.

Golam started his career as a public servant in 1992, and served the Finance Division for a couple of years as Assistant Secretary before he joined the NBR team. His work with the Finance Division was marked by coordinating the RIBEC -Reforms in Budgeting and Expenditure Control - a project taken by the government in order to automate public budgeting and accounting process with the view to optimise fiscal discipline.

Golam is blessed with six children, three of which are software architects, and the rest are going to school. He has been living in Chattogram and can be reached at +88-031-721088(office); +88-01313369249 (cell), or at