Welcome to Customs, Excise & VAT Appeal Commissionerate, Chittagong

Customs Excise, VAT (Appeal) Commisssionerate, Chittagong is a Quasi-judicial department of Customs, Excise & VAT. It is a small unit of National Board of Revenue under Internal Resources Division, Ministry of Finance. It is established on 16 February, 1981 on the purpose of protecting government revenue with ensuring the justice to the appellant. This commissionerate consider the appeal cases within due time and adjudicate through Hearing according to The Customs Act, 1969; Value Added Tax Ac, 1991; The Excise & Salt Act, 1944 and other related Acts & Rules. It is a platform where any person aggrieved by any decision or order under the related Acts or Rules by an officer of Customs lower in rank than a Commissioner of Customs can file an appeal cases lawfully. This department not only protects the revenue of Government but also give the appellant the opportunity to propound their logical speech related to the cases. The first commissioner of this commissionerate was Mr, J. K. Kar who served here from 16 February, 1981 to…

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